Inkscape - Color Blindness Extension V2

color blindness simulation in Inkscape
More accurate now

This is the updated extension for Inkscape which simulates 9 different types of vision. It's a color effect and therefore it can be found over at Effects->Color->Color Blindness after installation.

It still supports the same set of modes:

  • normal trichromatic color vision
  • protanopia red-green blindness (no red cones)
  • deutanopia red-green blindness (no green cones)
  • tritanopia blue-yellow blindness (no blue cones)
  • typical achromatopsia (no cones; rod monochromat)
  • protanomaly (anomalous red cones)
  • deutanomaly (anomalous green cones)
  • tritanomaly (anomalous blue cones)
  • atypical achromatopsia (low cones; cone monochromat)

There is now also a gamma drop down list at the bottom of the dialog. I'm not really sure if Mac/X11 uses the same gamma as *nix (which uses the same gamma as Windows). If so this box could be probably dropped.

As usual all kinds of comments are welcome. If there are no issues, it will be added to Inkscape soonish.

Inkscape 0.46: (3kb)
Inkscape 0.47/SVN: (3kb)



I think Mac uses a 1.8 while windows 2.2

I'll try to test the effects when I catch some time, thank you for the effort!

Good public service

This is wonderful. Thanks a lot for putting through the effort. I know a couple of partially colorblind people and I always wonder about their opinions of my work. I haven't finished writing it yet, but some time soon I'm featuring this in my own blog about designing for colorblindness. Thanks!

this is good information to

this is good information to find out what peope actually see

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