Just finished upgrading this site. The upgrade went well on my test server and fortunately it also went well here. There was some odd issue with phpMyAdmin's backup though. Everything is UTF-8, nevertheless the dump started with the following line:


Swedish? Well, "latin1" was already totally off, but that? Uhm.

Well, it was good for a laugh. Fortunately the dump itself was still UTF-8 encoded and everything was fine - after getting rid of that really weird line, that is.

Did you ever wonder what my first post was all about? Well, by now you might have guessed it. It's a quick method to check the encoding after a rollback. If you don't have a specific test page, you may not notice that something went wrong. If you're unlucky, you'll notice it weeks or even months later and there will be lots of new content. With a different encoding, that is. Once the encodings are mixed all over the place it gets really nasty. So, do yourself a favor and check the encoding right after a rollback.

Oh and there is a small glitch over in Drupal's HTML Corrector. It breaks HTML comments (it escapes the '<' character of the start tag). The description of the Full HTML input format doesn't mention the HTML Corrector though. Well, I only needed HTML comments for that Adsense block. So, switching to the PHP code input format over there wasn't much of an issue.

I also ported SHJSFilter over beforehand. It was surprisingly pain-free. If nothing pops up, I'll release the new version tomorrow. I'm not really sure if there are actually any other sites which use it though.



i had the exact same problem!

Guess so

It doesn't make any sense whatsoever after all.

Well, usually I do my backups with mysqldump. If I remember correctly it didn't add that kind of nonsense charset stuff. It's much nicer for automation anyways.

this post would be more

this post would be more interesting with numbers

Version numbers

mysql/mysqli 5.0.37
phpmyadmin 2.11.5
php 4.3.1 (different server - if you take a look at the response headers, you can see it's 5.2.5 here)

Well, this post was merely a status update. Other than that it's a reminder to check the encoding after a rollback. There are many forums/blogs which contain garbage characters after a rollback. Even plain English may contain some non-ascii characters. E.g. things like those “fancy quotes” or '™'.

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